Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yesterday, while rocking out to some Jamie Lidell at work, I had a song-based epiphany.

(Click to join me, won't you?  Or just skip the insight stuff and go straight to the bottom where I tell you what's up with our move.)

Now we know where we're going
And who we are
Doesn't seem to get us
Too far
'Cause everything else is still a mystery
And that mystery is
I just want to live.
Life may sometimes be sad,
But it's always beautiful.

In my life I've found ways to be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity, for I know that life is short and uncertain and sometimes you have to let things go in order to have a happy existence.  You never truly KNOW what will happen to you on any given day, month, or year - all we know is that the here and now is in our grasp.  And even if that here and now includes your boyfriend's mother living with you and smoking in her room, you just have to make the freaking best of it and try not to let the uncertainty of  "When the heck are we going to get word on a successful job transfer and get the funk out of here?" overtake your brain.

The Pacific Northwest is the mustache here.
I am clearly the monkey.

[Edit: This revelation *may* have happened with a little help from my new friend, Xanax.  But hey, it's better than spewing out all the stressful crap that runs around my head for 95% of my day, right?  After 4 days of sleeplessness and extreme stress-eating I finally realized that my new friend was probably a good idea.]
So Andrew and I are working on a list of things we want to do in Santa Barbara while we are still here.  And I'm taking the kiddo to the zoo, the beach, or one of our million cool parks in the area pretty much daily.  Partially because we want to soak it all up while we can, and partially just because I don't like keeping the kiddo inside when it's being actively smoked in.  (And it varies from day to day how big an issue this is - some days she keeps it outside all day, some days it's inside all day.) 

So, to answer the questions that everyone is asking me daily:

No, no word on when we will actually move yet.  Andrew still hasn't heard back from several of the job sites he asked to transfer to - two told him they were trying to find a spot for him but haven't said anything for sure yet. 

He has applied all over both Oregon and Washington states (near the bigger cities) so we aren't even trying to find a place to live until we know where we'll be ending up. 

Yes, we will have a goodbye BBQ for friends and family, both here and down at my parents' house for my So-Cal peeps.  And that will happen when we have a move date, which we do not.  But, in the meantime, we love to see our friends while we're still here so we are happy to do playdates and hangouts!

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