Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aaaand now we wait.

The stuff is mostly packed (and threatening to take over our living room.) 
The moving sale is over with. 

The housemate is gone (Although he left me 6 ear-wax-covered q-tips on the floor of his bathroom to remember him by.  He's a thoughtful guy like that.)
The child has been promised a dog once we move.
The jobs have been applied for BOTH in the PORTLAND area and SEATTLE!  (Gotta git wherever the gittin' is good, after all.  I would actually be overjoyed to be in Seattle since I have several friends and family members up there, including one of my two BFF who is in the Coast Guard and is stationed up there...)  
My work has been given notice that I will be giving notice in the very near future.
Andrew's mom is moving in tomorrow.

And I... I am sitting here, trying to stay positive.  We CAN survive a few weeks with his mom in the house.  We CAN find a way to move up North quickly.  Andrew WILL get a call back for one of the jobs today.  

I must try to embrace the chaos right now. 

Shiva is dancing.  

And hopefully if I hang my Ganesha mask on the wall all of these obstacles will get the heck out of our way so life can finally just happen. 

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  1. Good luck! I of course hope for Portland. I hope something (in either area) comes up soon!