Thursday, December 15, 2011

OK, I Can Do This...

Since the time I blogged last a lot has changed.  (Yes, I neglect my blog.  No, you can't judge me for it because I genuinely do have better things to do.)
#1 - I got a part-time (20 hour per week) job in my library's Reference & Information desk, which is all of 45 feet from where I used to work but the tasks are quite different and I don't have to lift books for 2 hours at a time and then sit at a computer for another 4-6 hours, so that's a big help.  I'm also working with reference librarians a lot and they are helping give me tips that will further my education, which is rad.  And, best of all, I work at the Reference Desk 10 hours a week which means I can usually work on homework (or an odd blog) while I'm here.  Score!
#2 - I finally got myself a massage for my birthday.  And the masseuse, who was quite intuitive, figured out that my right arm was actually being plagued by severe tendinitis.  *Cue heavenly music*  My physical therapist said he thought my arm pain could definitely be related to that, and my Orthopedic Doc said, "Oh yeah, that's tennis elbow.  Lemme shoot you up with steroids real quick here..."
While I hate that something as stupid-sounding as tennis elbow could have been a major factor in my arm pain for a long time, I am incredibly glad that someone finally figured it out because the treatment for tendinitis is actually helping.  Not curing me yet, but definitely helping.      
#3 - I finally started putting my old treadmill to use with the Couch to 5k program I've heard about a lot recently.  I've only done a couple of days so far, but I will say that my overall stressed-out feelings are lessening and my body feels better overall when I make sure to get it moving like that.  This is kind of a crucial thing for me, because I think before now I was so depressed about the injury that I subconsciously wanted to punish my body for being such a jerk.  I hadn't been eating very well, I did basically no exercise besides the ones for my physio, but no more.  I am finally getting back to running. Which makes me very happy.

I'm making a lot of these changes while I'm in what is probably the biggest crunch of schoolwork I've had so far in my graduate program.  I have one professor whose organizational skills are just horrid and she managed to schedule three giant assignments to be due within 3 weeks of each other (two of which are group projects with two different groups of 5 people each, so I've had to coordinate my schedule with 8 other individuals for meetings each week, which is really, really not easy) and, of course, my class with the very organized, clear professor also has a giant project due during the same time as well.   So I've figured, OK, let's just buckle down and finally make some of the big changes to my life that I've needed to make while I'm being all disciplined.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  Look at me go being all disciplined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now someone please come and clean up my house, will you, because being disciplined everywhere else in my life means I have no time for banal housework.  

PS: I actually typed most of this in November, but forgot to publish it.  Oh well, you can deal with that, right?  :)

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